Request access to data retrieval

From now on, data users and interested parties can easily and conveniently request access to the application interface (API) for the Knowledge Graph.

Three steps to data utilization

  1. Send e-mail to indicating company, e-mail address and name of contact person
  2. Receive email with access data (API key) for data retrieval
  3. Initialize API and retrieve data

Some partners are in the final stages of implementing their databases, connecting to the Knowledge Graph, or sharing data. They will provide their data shortly. In addition, further properties will be successively added to the individual data types and corresponding data will be made available by the partners.

Documentation and Domain Specification Browser

All important information about data access incl. corresponding examples, to the KG platform and the standards used can be found in the documentation. In addition, we inform you about all changes to the technical specifications in the changelog.

In addition, the Domain Specifications, i.e. the standards used in the Knowledge Graph, are publicly available via the Domain Specifications Browser.

Please note our terms and conditions for data usage.

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Preview data view

If you just want to see what data is available for now, use our map and search widget. They provide an up-to-date overview of the current data stock for the domains sightseeing, tours and events. As the project progresses, additional data sets from different domains will be integrated.

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