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Steps for digital transformation in your organisation

Due to digitalisation, the tasks for tourism organisations are changing at all levels. Whereas the “M” in LMO and DMO used to stand for “marketing” in particular, this has changed to “management” in recent years. Looking at the profound importance of data within the work of tourism organisations by now, it is clear that the development will continue to lean towards a “data management” organisation.

In order to make this possible, some important prerequisites and processes must be addressed and implemented in the respective organisations.

Contributions to the topic Strategy

We would, therefore, like to share our knowledge and support tourism organisations in their strategic work. For this purpose, our experts have created technical papers with tips & tricks for the digital transformation in DMOs.

10 Tips for Open Data

We often hear the statement "I understand open data in theory, but how do I prepare my data to be open data now?" In order to explain the necessary [...]

The Digitally Networked Guest

Guests are digitally connected - always and everywhere. The behavior of guests is changing in the course of advancing digitalization: they are increasingly informing themselves and booking digitally, both [...]



We will inform you directly about new contributions and news concerning the Open Data project of the German National Tourist Board.


Magazine artificial intelligence

Magazin Künstliche Intelligenz im Deutschlandtourismus

On the basis of expert contributions, the AI Magazine in German Tourism analyzes opportunities and challenges arising from this forward-looking technology for tourism.

Handbook Open Data

OPEN DATA Manual in Germany's Tourism Industry

On a scientific basis, the Open Data Manual in Germany’s Tourism Industry consicesly summarises how to shape the future of the digital destination in a comprehensible form.

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