Voraussetzungen für den Erfolg des Open Data Projektes



Technical Background Knowledge regarding Open Data

To enable the widespread use of data, it is elementary that DMOs educate their service providers and other tourism stakeholders within the region and explain to them the relevance of modern data management. Voice assistants, digital guest cards and other intelligent services for guests increasingly require the development of digital literacy in many areas of tourism.

The technical conditions surrounding the Open Data project are acounted for in more detail below.

Technical information

This area is currently under construction and will be completed with the going live. Here you will find all relevant information for the knowledge graph from a technical point of view.

Posts regarding Technology

With this blog we would like to share our knowledge and support various tourism organisations in their work. Our experts give insight into the Open Data / Knowledge Graph topic and provide tips & tricks in different technical papers.

Access for data retrieval

Request access to data retrievalFrom now on, data users and interested parties can easily and conveniently request access to the application interface (API) for the Knowledge Graph.Three steps to data [...]

Speak, not type

How conversational AI is changing communication in tourism In view of the shortage of skilled workers and digitization, the need for intelligent search functions and chatbot solutions is increasing. [...]



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