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The Open Data Project

Open Data is a key solution to the technological and commercial changes currently shaping the global tourism industry. The German National Tourist Board, the state marketing organisations and the Magic Cities have therefore decided to make their data generally available in the form of “Open Data” as part of a joint project.

Petra Hedorfer, Chairwoman of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB)
“The possibilities of digital technologies – in this case above all artificial intelligence -, enormous growth in potential source markets of worldwide tourism, concentration and globalisation processes in the international travel industry and changing consumer behaviour are closely interlinked. With its national and international network, the GNTB is predetermined to coordinate this complex process in the open data project together with all stakeholders.”
Petra Hedorfer, Chairwoman of the Board of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB)
Armin Dellnitz, Chairman of the Magic Cities Marketing Association

“Especially in metropolitan areas, there are countless different data which are of concern to tourists if they want to experience a successful stay. We are helping to develop practical structures for the Open Data project with our know-how.

Armin Dellnitz, Managing Director Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH and Chairman of the Magic Cities Marketing Association
Andreas Braun

“An efficient Open Data project must involve all participants in the tourism value chain, from federal state over local regions to the individual tourism POIs. Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) must increasingly ensure that their knowledge in the form of open data can be used by all market participants on all communication and distribution channels in the future.”

Andreas Braun, Managing Director of Tourismus Marketing Baden-Württemberg GmbH and spokesman for the Landesmarketingorganisationen
Portrait Frank Thelen

“I think you’ll be surprised at the added value and benefits you’ll get from it in the years to come…It’s a great project.”

Frank Thelen, Entrepreneur, investor and author of Frank Thelen Media GmbH

Interesting Facts about the Open Data Project

What is Open Data Germany?

With Open Data Germany, the prerequisite for the digital transformation in the direction of artificial intelligence is created in order to make Germany competitive as a tourism location. The core of the project is the development of a knowledge graph.

Who is working on Open Data Germany?

The GNTB is working on the Open Data project together with the 16 regional marketing organizations (LMOs) and the Magic Cities.

When will the Knowledge Graph go live?

The planned launch of the Knowledge Graph is in autumn 2022.


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