Find objects in the Knowledge Graph for Germany tourism

You can use the search widget to make differentiated search queries in the current database of the Knowledge Graph for the domains sights, events, tours, accommodation providers and restaurants. As the project progresses, additional data sets from different domains will be integrated.
More than 500,000 current data records are currently available. This includes around 200,000 tourist objects (POIs, tours, events, restaurants, hotels, etc.) and a further 310,000 infrastructure data items.

The map of Germany shows the spatial distribution of the data sets.

You can use the search widget to make keyword-oriented search queries according to various criteria. For example, a keyword search can consist of a place name and a POI type: Museum Stuttgart.

Click on the “Show search parameters” button to display the structured search query recognized by the search. If no suitable object is found via the structured data, a full text search is also performed in the title and description. This makes it possible to search for objects by name, e.g. Mercedes Museum.

By clicking on the blue button “Table” you can see which information according to is stored in the data set.

The search widget shows you which records are currently available, how they are structured and what criteria you can use to search. The filters displayed (sights, events, tours, accommodation, restaurants) make it possible to narrow down the search to the most important properties in the database. The database also contains objects for the data types City, Offer, Local Business, e-charging stations and stops. These are not displayed in the search results.

The widget presented here does not represent a search for the end user. The data user decides how to integrate the data into his application and display it for his target group.

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