30 06, 2023

The future of data management for inbound tourism to Germany

2023-06-30T14:27:10+02:0030. June 2023|Data Management, Open Data, Strategy|

I am happy to announce that the German tourism industry’s biggest ever data infrastructure project is now live! Today, in conjunction with all project participants, we finally brought the GNTB Knowledge Graph on stream. Over the past three years, we have put in a lot of hard work – and shown great agility and vision – in order to get this collaborative project up and running. At this point, I would like to thank my team and all the various partners, the 16 regional marketing organisations for the federal states, the Magic Cities marketing association, the travel technology [...]

29 06, 2023

Going-live Knowledge Graph

2023-10-25T15:53:22+02:0029. June 2023|Open Data, Press release, Project Progress, Strategy|

Statements of the managing directors of the state tourism organizations on the going-live of the Knowledge Graph "The rapid progress of artificial intelligence has highlighted how fast technology is evolving and changing our lives. AI applications are also an example of how important digitalisation and structured data are to our industry. The onus is on tourism organisations to tackle this development at all levels to ensure that they do not get left behind. At TMBW, we are stepping up our work in this area, establishing a team for data management and digitalisation, and [...]

12 03, 2021

Status Quo Open Data Activities of LMOs and Magic Cities

2024-04-08T09:21:03+02:0012. March 2021|DMO, Magic Cities, Open Data, State Marketing Organizations, Strategy|

In addition to the activities of the Open Data project group, the LMOs and Magic Cities are also actively promoting the topic within their federal states and cities. The following article is intended to provide you with a brief overview of the current project status and further procedures. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the referring person. In Baden-Württemberg, the database mein.toubiz of land in sicht AG is used as the central state system for recording and digitizing the tourism infrastructure. In mein.toubiz, different data types such as POI [...]

24 02, 2021

10 Tips for Open Data

2022-05-20T10:23:51+02:0024. February 2021|Open Data, Strategy|

We often hear the statement "I understand open data in theory, but how do I prepare my data to be open data now?" In order to explain the necessary steps in a comprehensible way, we would like to give you 10 practical tips. These are divided into the three main pillars of licenses, content and general. Licenses Review of the image and text inventory as well as contracts with photographers, authors and, if applicable, other content producers How were images and texts purchased? Which rights apply? Are they neatly documented? Is it [...]

17 12, 2020

The Digitally Networked Guest

2023-06-02T16:55:34+02:0017. December 2020|Open Data, Strategy|

Guests are digitally connected - always and everywhere. The behavior of guests is changing in the course of advancing digitalization: they are increasingly informing themselves and booking digitally, both before and during their trip. The digital device serves not only as an information medium, but also as an all-in-one solution with which guests can access the destination. Guests decide to use an output channel depending on the situation, need and habit. In order for information to be displayed on different media, it must be prepared in a coherent manner. The data can then be used interoperably and can [...]

5 02, 2020

ThüCAT – The Concept of Digital Tourism

2022-07-11T10:26:47+02:005. February 2020|Open Data, State Marketing Organizations, Strategy|

What if...? ...the exhausted hiker in search of a cool beer would no longer have to stand in front of closed doors, even though the website said 'open'? ...there was no answer such as "I don't know!" to the question "Alexa, where can I go dancing tonight in Erfurt?"? ...dynamic startups would have all the up-to-date, authentic and correct data of Thuringia's tourism, in order to develop innovative applications and offers without any obstacles? The employees of Thüringer Tourismus GmbH asked themselves these questions based on the state tourism strategy Thuringia 2025. "We were looking for [...]

5 02, 2020

Tourism data management North Rhine-Westphalia – Open, Linked, Digital

2022-07-11T10:26:00+02:005. February 2020|Open Data, State Marketing Organizations, Strategy|

Today's guests are digitally on the move. The smartphone and other mobile devices have become a constant companion for people. They communicate via social media, get their information on a wide variety of platforms and book their restaurant visit, museum tour and accommodation wherever they happen to be. This change in people's information and travel behaviour, along with the diversification of output channels and new developments in the areas of Big Data, the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence, is one of the major challenges facing the industry today. This is where the project "Tourist Data Management North [...]

15 11, 2019

Does tourism need Open Data?

2022-07-11T10:22:56+02:0015. November 2019|DMO, Open Data, Smart Destination, Strategy|

Views put to the test. Open Data as an attitude. The debate about Open Data is initially less about technical issues and more about negotiating mindsets. How "open" can, should or may data be provided? Basically, three levels can be differentiated here: Data can and should (also in the future) only be used for one's own needs. In particular, this includes personal data - this applies against the background of the Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) more than ever. However, data on which business models are based can also fall into this category. Particularly against [...]

15 11, 2019

The Legal Implications of Open Data

2022-07-11T10:21:47+02:0015. November 2019|Data Management, DMO, Legal Framework, Open Data, Strategy|

and how DMOs can properly protect themselves. Introduction. An open content marketing platform aims to make the widest possible data pools available to participating DMOs without restriction. The generic term "open data" refers primarily to digital content such as texts, infographics, images and videos that can be used and modified by anyone without inquiry or permission. In German law, the copyright of the producers as well as the image and personality rights of the persons concerned must be taken into account. The following article is intended to show which rights are specifically affected [...]

15 11, 2019

How do I Implement Open Data in My Organization?

2022-07-11T10:21:02+02:0015. November 2019|DMO, Open Data, Smart Destination, Strategy|

Step by step to open data. Due to digitalization, the tasks of a DMO are changing. DMO once stood for Destination Marketing Organisation, but in recent years this has changed to Destination Management Organisation. If one looks at the now extensive importance of data for the work of a DMO, it becomes clear that the development is moving further towards a data management organisation. Accordingly, the DMO must accept the tasks associated with this topic for itself and create the necessary conditions for it. But how can Open Data be introduced in an organisation? The [...]

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