13 11, 2019

Linked Open Data and Artificial Intelligence

2022-07-11T10:15:33+02:0013. November 2019|Open Data, schema.org, Technologies and backgrounds, Technology|

The perfect match? Artificial intelligence - what is that actually? The topic of Linked Open Data (LOD) is often mentioned in connection with the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is to be understood as a generic term used to describe different automated computational methods such as Machine Learning (ML). It is true that machine readable data in the form of Linked Open Data and Machine Learning are directly related. The goal is to recognize patterns in data with machine assistance and to derive predictions on this basis. In the case of [...]

12 11, 2019

Linked Data as a Mindset

2022-07-11T10:14:46+02:0012. November 2019|Data Management, Open Data, Technologies and backgrounds, Technology|

Structuring tourism data for the semantic web. Data for humans...but not (yet) for machines. About 30 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (Web for short). In order to sort and link content of all kinds (text, images, audio, video files, etc.), he developed a system that identifies them by URLs. These URLs are still used today to link from one document to any number of others. This creates a network of documents or websites - the World Wide Web. Data can be stored and published in different forms. [...]

10 11, 2019

Knowledge Graphs

2022-07-11T10:13:52+02:0010. November 2019|Data Management, Open Data, Technologies and backgrounds, Technology|

A mirror of (tourist) reality. Data management today and tomorrow. In connection with Linked Open Data, the keyword Knowledge Graph is often mentioned. It is often not entirely clear what is meant by the term. A Knowledge Graph is, in short and generalized terms, a graph database that fulfills certain criteria (see infobox). The definition of a Knowledge Graph is not clearly defined. Nevertheless, characteristics can be described that are aimed at the word "knowledge". This allows us to specify more precisely how this knowledge can be extracted from a graph [...]

9 11, 2019

The Headless Web

2022-07-11T10:10:50+02:009. November 2019|Open Data, Smart Destination, Technologies and backgrounds, Technology|

Think data management modularly. The Evolution of the Web. The World Wide Web is undergoing a transformation process. The semantic web, also called Web 3.0, is currently developing, focusing on machine readability of data. The goal is for machines to independently establish meaningful connections. In this way, questions from users can be answered immediately. These developments are already changing the information behaviour of travellers. In the near future, data sets will not only have to be displayed by machines, but also understood and interpreted: Guests ask specific questions and the answers are adapted and send to [...]

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