23 11, 2021

Better linked, easier sell

2022-05-31T18:40:25+02:0023. November 2021|Open Data,|

The German travel market is fragmented which makes managing destination data, POIs and other experiences all the more important. Open data sets, the Destination Germany knowledge graph and the use of artificial intelligence will provide a clearer picture and form the basis for new applications and services. by Thomas Reintjes, freelance science and technology journalist "I want to go to Ibiza." could be the type of request handled by the system from AI experts Adigi. But according to Adigi’s founder, Nicolas Götz, very few people want to just travel to Ibiza; they want to go there [...]

29 12, 2020

Motivation for Data Management

2022-05-31T18:35:19+02:0029. December 2020|Data Management, Open Data,, SEO|

Structured Data and SEO. Search engines are becoming answering machines. The representatives of regions and places as well as hosts are usually the ones who manage basic information such as addresses or opening hours. Therefore, it is necessary to motivate them to improve the quality of data in the field. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a great help, because tourist destinations and hosts as well want easily to be found online by potential guests - and he perfect gateway for this are search engines such as Baidu, Bing, Google and Yandex. The ways to become visible on [...]

13 11, 2019

Linked Open Data and Artificial Intelligence

2024-02-20T16:37:19+01:0013. November 2019|Open Data,, Technologies and backgrounds, Technology|

The perfect match? Artificial intelligence - what is that actually? The topic of Linked Open Data (LOD) is often mentioned in connection with the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is to be understood as a generic term used to describe different automated computational methods such as Machine Learning (ML). It is true that machine readable data in the form of Linked Open Data and Machine Learning are directly related. The goal is to recognize patterns in data with machine assistance and to derive predictions on this basis. In the case of [...]

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