The topic of data management and Linked Open Data has become increasingly relevant in tourism in recent years. Therefore, the following guidelines and publications were realized.

2021: Artificial Intelligence in Germany’s Inbound Tourism Industry Magazine

  • Editor: Christian Leetz

  • Abstract: The AI Magazine analyses the opportunities and challenges arising from one of the most prominent drivers of technology in the digital revolution in the tourism industry, artificial intelligence.

2020: Open Data Manual in Germany’s Tourism Industry

  • Authors: Eric Horster, Elias Kärle, Florian Bauhuber, Kristine Honig

  • Abstract: The manual compaclty summarises the achievements in in the field of Open Data and gives an outlook on the future of the digital destination in a comprehensible form.

2021: Guide to Digitalisation

  • Publisher: Deutscher Tourismusverband e. V. (DTV)

  • Abstract: The fourth edition of the Digital Guide is specifically dedicated to the topics of visitor guidance, open data and digital marketing.

2020: Guide to Digitalisation

  • Publisher: Deutscher Tourismusverband e. V. (DTV)

  • Abstract: The third edition of the Digital Guide is specifically dedicated to digital tools and topics that have proven to be particularly helpful and relevant for developments in the tourism industry during the Corona crisis.

2020: Open Data Creates a Spirit of Optimism for Digitisation in Tourism (pdf)

  • Authors: Guido Sommer, Sandra Anger, Martin Soutschek and Dominik Huber
  • Abstract: Results of the third Round Table Open Data with an outlook and recommendations for realising open data infrastructure opportunities in tourism.

2019: On the Road with Smart Assistants. A Scenario for the Future of Travel

  • Authors: Jakub Samochowiec, Marta Kwiatkowski and Stefan Breit
  • Abstract: The report outlines a scenario for the development of travel until 2030. It is intended to inspire and provide a navigational aid for the tourism industry.

2019: Interview with Florian Bauhuber, Managing Director Tourismuszukunft

  • Author: FH Westküste University of Applied Sciences
  • Abstract: Florian Bauhuber explains the most important terms regarding Open Data and its goal for the tourism industry.

2019: Tourism – digital. Guide for destinations (pdf)

  • Publisher: Deutscher Tourismusverband e. V. (DTV)
  • Abstract: The guide is intended to serve as a companion. It contains analyses, offers and practical examples and is intended as an incentive to exchange ideas on the subject of digitalisation in tourism.

2018: Challenges and opportunities of an open digital data infrastructure in tourism (pdf)

  • Author: Guido Sommer 2018
  • Abstract: Phrasing of the results of the first think tank on Open Data in tourism. Description of the common vision of an open digital data infrastructure for tourism.

2017: Open Data – Creating Value in the Digital Age (pdf)

  • Authors: Wolfgang Ksoll, Thomas Schildhauer, Annalies Beck
  • Abstract: The potential for added value of Open Data is estimated very differently. The report provides a good overview of definitions and introduces case studies from different sectors (including tourism).

2017: Guide for the digitalisation of tourism destinations (pdf)

2017: Open Data – Successful Implementation of New Concepts (pdf)

  • Publisher: Bitkom e.V.
  • Abstract: Guide with an introduction to the topic of Open Data, an outline of the historical development as well as the status in Germany and Europe. The topic is further deepened by important definitions of terms and characteristics of Open Data, as well as national and international cases.

2016: Open Data. The Benefits

  • Authors: Marcus M. Dapp, Dian Balta, Walter Palmetshofer, Helmut Krcmar
  • Abstract: The study commissioned by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation examines the economic potential of administrative open data and derives fields of action for a future-oriented data policy.

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