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5 02, 2020

Cosmopolitanism and Nonchalance in Lübeck

2022-07-11T10:25:17+02:005. February 2020|Best Cases, Data Management, Open Data|

Lübeck und Travemünde Marketing GmbH developed a new strategy in 2017/18, which included a value discussion on brand identity that identified openness as an important component, among other things. Openness - the topic of Open Data. It comes as no surprise when Christian Martin Lukas, Managing Director of Lübeck and Travemünde Marketing GmbH, says: "I think Open Data is great. And period." Open Data and Lübeck - It Fits "Lübeck has always been a cosmopolitan city. That is part of our DNA. That's why Lübeck and Open Data fit together so well. Lübeck [...]

10 12, 2019

Open Data and SEO – Is that possible?

2022-07-11T10:24:38+02:0010. December 2019|Open Data, Technology|

As an SEO consultant, I was very skeptical at first: "Open Data and SEO? Can that work? Does it even make sense?" In the meantime, I have had the opportunity to find out more about the topic of Open Data and the concept as it is being implemented by the GNTB and the specialist group that has been formed. I'll go ahead to say today, "Yes, it can make sense, even from an SEO point of view"! In addition, the following article should also be seen only within the context of search engines. Ecosystems that are not analyzed [...]

2 12, 2019

Open Data in Siegen-Wittgenstein

2022-07-11T10:23:57+02:002. December 2019|Best Cases, Data Management, DMO, Open Data|

Siegen-Wittgenstein is a region that has been dealing with Open Data for a long time. What's beginning to show, time and again: It's not just about technology, it's very much about people. Openness, Trust and Courage Julia Hilpisch, responsible for content management and digital strategy at the Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V. tourism association, is certain: "Seldomly, technology and money are the problem with Open Data." It is more about people, communication and emotions, because Open Data is currently strongly associated with fear. Fear of losing one's own data sovereignty or one's own areas of responsibility and position. [...]

15 11, 2019

Does tourism need Open Data?

2022-07-11T10:22:56+02:0015. November 2019|DMO, Open Data, Smart Destination, Strategy|

Views put to the test. Open Data as an attitude. The debate about Open Data is initially less about technical issues and more about negotiating mindsets. How "open" can, should or may data be provided? Basically, three levels can be differentiated here: Data can and should (also in the future) only be used for one's own needs. In particular, this includes personal data - this applies against the background of the Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) more than ever. However, data on which business models are based can also fall into this category. Particularly against [...]

15 11, 2019

The Legal Implications of Open Data

2022-07-11T10:21:47+02:0015. November 2019|Data Management, DMO, Legal Framework, Open Data, Strategy|

and how DMOs can properly protect themselves. Introduction. An open content marketing platform aims to make the widest possible data pools available to participating DMOs without restriction. The generic term "open data" refers primarily to digital content such as texts, infographics, images and videos that can be used and modified by anyone without inquiry or permission. In German law, the copyright of the producers as well as the image and personality rights of the persons concerned must be taken into account. The following article is intended to show which rights are specifically affected [...]

15 11, 2019

How do I Implement Open Data in My Organization?

2022-07-11T10:21:02+02:0015. November 2019|DMO, Open Data, Smart Destination, Strategy|

Step by step to open data. Due to digitalization, the tasks of a DMO are changing. DMO once stood for Destination Marketing Organisation, but in recent years this has changed to Destination Management Organisation. If one looks at the now extensive importance of data for the work of a DMO, it becomes clear that the development is moving further towards a data management organisation. Accordingly, the DMO must accept the tasks associated with this topic for itself and create the necessary conditions for it. But how can Open Data be introduced in an organisation? The [...]

14 11, 2019

How Digitalisation Changes the Tasks of a DMO

2022-07-28T16:54:32+02:0014. November 2019|DMO, Open Data, Smart Destination, Strategy|

And why "(Open) Data" is needed for this. A DMO is a tourist organisation operating in a specific area. Limits to the actions of a DMO originate on the one hand from administrative units, on the other hand from cooperations as well as the actions of the guest itself. A DMO can operate at federal state level (LTO = Landestourismusorganisation) as well as at regional level (regional DMO). The Influence of Digitalisation on the Tasks of a DMO The abbreviation DMO once stood for Destination Marketing Organisation. The DMO concentrated [...]

14 11, 2019

Open Data in Thuringia

2022-07-11T10:17:46+02:0014. November 2019|Best Cases, Open Data, State Marketing Organizations|

At Thüringer Tourismus GmbH (TTG), the topic of data has been all about ThüCAT, the Thuringian Content Architecture Tourism, since 2018. All tourism content is to be bundled centrally in one place with this database. The declared goal is for all this content to be available as open data. Selection of Contents For Detlef Klinge, Head of the Competence Center Tourism 4.0 of Thüringer Tourismus GmbH, it is clear: "An essential question already lies within the content audit: Which content is really needed?" Not all texts, photos and videos that have been produced or purchased [...]

13 11, 2019

Linked Open Data and Artificial Intelligence

2022-07-11T10:15:33+02:0013. November 2019|Open Data,, Technologies and backgrounds, Technology|

The perfect match? Artificial intelligence - what is that actually? The topic of Linked Open Data (LOD) is often mentioned in connection with the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is to be understood as a generic term used to describe different automated computational methods such as Machine Learning (ML). It is true that machine readable data in the form of Linked Open Data and Machine Learning are directly related. The goal is to recognize patterns in data with machine assistance and to derive predictions on this basis. In the case of [...]

12 11, 2019

Linked Data as a Mindset

2022-07-11T10:14:46+02:0012. November 2019|Data Management, Open Data, Technologies and backgrounds, Technology|

Structuring tourism data for the semantic web. Data for humans...but not (yet) for machines. About 30 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (Web for short). In order to sort and link content of all kinds (text, images, audio, video files, etc.), he developed a system that identifies them by URLs. These URLs are still used today to link from one document to any number of others. This creates a network of documents or websites - the World Wide Web. Data can be stored and published in different forms. [...]

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